Report a sighting

All records and sightings will help us determine the extent of the invasive species problem in Ireland and facilitate a rapid response, where necessary.

Some minimum information is required for a valid biological record such as recorder name, species name, date and location.  Guidance on submitting records and templates are available from the National Biodiversity Data Centre.

If you know of any invasive species in a location that does not appear on the distribution maps, please submit your record in either of the locations below. If you have a picture of the species or are unsure of what you have found, please submit your images.

Visit if you need help in finding a grid reference for your sighting.
If you wish to submit multiple records e.g. as part of monitoring work then you can also do so at
If your record occurs in Northern Ireland you can submit it to CEDaR online recording.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused, there is a temporary fault on this page, can you please enter your Ireland records at;


Northern Ireland Records can still be entered at CEDaR online recording.