Grey Squirrel

During a public lecture sponsored by the Belfast Telegraph in 2007, Dr Jaimie Dick of Queen’s University Belfast asked the 6th Form audience to vote on whether grey squirrels should be allowed to roam freely in our woodlands.

Grey Squirrel
“I’m so cute”

An estimated 95% said yes they should.

Red Squirrel
“But I’m cute too!!”

However, after viewing the following pictures, there was a swing to more ambien no prescription than 95% against the invasive grey squirrel.

Invasive grey squirrel with pox virus

Squirrel Pox Virus
+ red native squirrel
Red Squirrel


This approach shows the power of education with regards to raising awareness of the devastating effects invasive species can have and how public attitudes can change. This, perhaps, will pave the way for acceptance of more effective control of invasives, such as culling.