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The risk assessment undertaken by Invasive Species Ireland identified a number of species that are high risk invasive species to the island of Ireland. A number of these organisms are known to contaminate equipment and vessels or are capable of surviving in water and/or fouled ropes and chains that are moved from one water body to another. Some of these mechanisms are quite obvious to the casual observer while others can go unseen and unnoticed until an impact is observed in a new area.

Invasive Species in Ireland aims to reduce the threat from these species through different mechanisms including recommending legislative provisions, development of the Invasive Species Code of Practice for Water Users and targeted education and awareness initiatives.

Marine invasive species of concern

Didemnum vexillum

Common name: Carpet seasquirt
Threat: Impact on aquaculture and fisheries, protected species and marine ecosystem functioning
Status: Established invasive species
Photo credit: USGS
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Crepidula fornicata

Common name: Slipper limpet
Threat: Fisheries, protected species and marine ecosystem functioning

Status: Established invasive species

Photo credit: GB NNSS
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Rapana venosa

Common name: Asian rapa whelk
Threat: Threatens marine ecosystem functioning

Status: Potential invasive species

Photo credit: USGS via
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Freshwater invasive species of concern

Hydrocotyle ranunculoides

Common name: Floating pennywork

Threat: Clogs waterways and negatively impacts on native species and ecosystems

Photo credit: John Early

Status: Established invasive species
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Zebra mussel Dreissena polymorpha Common name: Zebra mussel

Threat: Fouling, negative impacts on native species and local extinction of unionids
Status: Established invasive species
Photo Credit: GB NNSS
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Cercopagis pengoi
Common name: Fishhook waterfleaThreat: Threatens native ecosystems and species

Status: Potential invasive species
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A summary of the recommended actions in the Marina Operators Code of Practice can be found using the following links:

You can download the Marina Operators Code of Practice parent document from the following link:

Also the Rapid Assessment of Marinas for Invasive Alien Species in NI at this one;



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