Species Action Plans

The aim of an Invasive Species Action Plan (ISAP) is to guide actions required to prevent the introduction and/or spread of the relevant invasive species. Each plan has identified contingency / management protocols which inform actions required to effectively respond to incursions and control existing populations.

The information is of relevance to policy makers, local authorities and site managers wishing to implement plans on the ground. It is envisaged that the aims of each of the plans will be achieved by recommending measures intended to:

  • Prevent introduction – It is widely accepted that the prevention of introductions of invasive species is by far the most cost effective strategy in tackling invasive species. Each plan will set out how prevention can be achieved in relation to the particular invasive species.
  • Ensure monitoring – In order to detect incursions and potential impacts, monitoring at key sites is required.
  • Provide information to guide eradication/control/mitigation – The plans set out the process by which complete eradication for the target species can be achieved. A programme of works should only be undertaken when guided by sound scientific information that indicates an impact biodiversity and the resources for a multiyear programme are available.
  • Recommend mechanisms to reduce knowledge gaps – The distribution and/or associated impact of these invasive species is not always readily available and regularly reported to a central repository. Each plan will recommend mechanisms by which this may be achieved and allow for more effective management and/or rapid response.
Invasive Species Ireland

Invasive Species Ireland