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The National Bee Unit (NBU) have detected a new Asian hornet nest in New Alresford, Hampshire.

The nest was promptly destroyed by the Animal & Plant Health Agency (APHA) Wildlife Team and the NBU is continuing to search for further nests, with support from local beekeepers. As you may already be aware there have also been recently confirmed cases in Hull and Cornwall.  Two nests have now been destroyed in Cornwall […]

Water users urged to take precautions to avoid spread of crayfish plague

DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE, ENVIRONMENT AND RURAL AFFAIRS 18 September 2018 Water users urged to take precautions to avoid spread of crayfish plague The Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs today urged water users, both recreational and commercial to take precautions when visiting the River Blackwater catchment in Co Tyrone. The warning comes after some […]

Asian hornet sighting confirmed in Cornwall near Fowey

The National Bee Unit has confirmed a sighting of the Asian hornet in the Fowey area of south Cornwall. Nicola Spence, Defra Deputy Director for Plant and Bee Health, said: While the Asian Hornet poses no greater risk to human health than a bee, we recognise the damage they can cause to honey bee colonies. […]

Risk of spread of marine invasive non-native species

Due to the recent destruction of structures within the marina at Holyhead, by Storm Emma, there is a concern that mobile debris will bring Didemnum vexillum (D. vex) to the eastern seaboard of Ireland. Some of the debris has turned up already on shores in Wicklow in the form of numerous small pieces of poly […]

New sighting of Asian hornet in GB

  See press release from APHA/DEFRA here….. if you think you have seen one of these please enter your records at the 3 options highlighted on the poster below right. Please take photographs and submit them to assist confirmation by the experts;    

Invasive Species Ireland

Invasive Species Ireland