Striped eel catfish

Plotosus lineatus


Photo credit: @Sergii Dibrova
  • The juveniles are brightly coloured, with striking white and black stripes. They fade to dull browns and blacks as they mature.
  • It has 4 pairs of barbels on their mouth. It also has venomous spines, and secretes a toxin from its skin.

Origin and Worldwide Distribution:
  • Native to the Indian Ocean.
  • It is now widespread in the Mediterranean and the Israeli coast

Potential or Known Impacts:
  • Outcompetes native species by predating on native prey and displacing native predators
  • Poses a threat to both animal and human life as it is venomous

How did it/could it get here?
  • Potentially through the aquarium trade

Is it found in Ireland or Northern Ireland? 
  • Not present in Ireland or Northern Ireland.

Methods for Prevention
  • Monitoring pathways of introduction
Invasive Species Ireland

Invasive Species Ireland