Raccoon Invasive Species Alert. Download and distribute poster

Procyon lotor, raccoon

  • Issued by Invasive Species Ireland and the National Biodiversity Data Centre. The raccoon alert was issued May 2011.

What can you do?:

  • Download and distribute the Raccoon Invasive Species Alert Poster.
  • Follow the Pet Wise guidelines
  • Remember that it is against the law to release non-native species into the wild in Ireland
  • Report sightings of suspected Raccoon

Invasive status: This species is listed as being invasive in other European countries and a potential invader in the Invasive Species Ireland 2007 risk assessment.

Introduction status: Casual occurrence.  This species is not thought to be established in Ireland.

Distribution Frequency: Rare

Is there a reference specimen?: No. The species was confirmed from a photograph.

Actions taken to date: National Parks and Wildlife Service have been notified and regional staff are making local inquires.

Pathway of introduction: it is unclear how the raccoon arrived into  Ireland. It is likely to have been imported for the pet trade.

Results of the Generated Niche Model for this species can be obtained from the following link:

Generated Niche Model for Raccoon