Wild boar hybrids/feral pig

Image of wild boar from www.istockphoto.com

Wild Boar (Sus scrofa), or hybrids /feral pigs, was first officially recorded and subsequently eradicated in April 2009.  Since then they have been seen and removed from many locations in the south east or Ireland. A litter of nine piglets was recorded from one site.

Although wild boar may have once been native,  it became extinct in Ireland.  Since then the environment has greatly changed. All illegal introductions would be considered an invasive/pest species.  It is illegal to release them to the ‘wild’ without a licence granted from NIEA or NPWS depending on the jurisdiction in question.

In addition to the confirmed wild boar hybrid/feral pig sightings currently on the Biodiversity Maps system, wild boar hybrid/feral pig animals have also been reported from another 5 counties in Ireland. Additional records will be added to Biodiversity Maps once all details are collated.

If you have seen a feral pig in the ‘wild’ in Ireland, please report it to:

invasives@biodiversityireland.ie or Alien Watch

Note when and where it was seen, by whom and please also supply a photograph of the animal(s) if possible.