Detailed Risk Assessment

Within this mechanism risk assessments on non-native species are carried out by independent experts and these are reviewed by one peer reviewer and the risk analysis panel of experts.  Following this process risk assessments are available for comment before being finalised.

You can download the risk assessment installation file from either of the following links:


Common misconceptions about risk assessments:

To address a number of common misconceptions about non-native species risk assessments, the following points should be noted:

  • Risk assessments consider only the risks posed by a species. They do not consider the practicalities, impacts or other issues relating to the management of the species. They therefore cannot on their own be used to determine order fluconazole/ what, if any, management response should be undertaken.
  • Risk assessments are advisory and therefore are part of the suite of information on which policy decisions are based.
  • Completed risk assessments are not final and absolute. They are an assessment based on the evidence available at that time. Substantive new scientific evidence may prompt a re-evaluation of the risks and/or a change of policy.

For those undertaking risk assessments:

  • The new NAPRA risk assessment template is available. Use the links above to download the software and install locally.
  • Risk assessments completed as part of other schemes (e.g. EPPO) may help inform the assessment