What We’re Doing

Tackling invasive species needs to involve all sections of society as many activities contribute to the spread of species. The approach of the project is to be as inclusive as possible and so far, representatives from over 60 organisations are engaging with the stakeholder forum.

The objectives of the project are to take forward actions which address the key recommendations outlined in the ‘Invasive Species in Ireland’ report, and the main recommendations of the Zebra Mussel Management Strategy, namely:

  • Reducing the risks of invasions of new species
  • Developing contingency plans in conjunction with stakeholders
  • Producing management plans to help control and manage new and established invasive species and vectors
  • Engaging key stakeholders
  • Developing codes of good practise in conjunction with stakeholders
  • Raising public awareness
  • Recommending surveillance, monitoring and recording programmes
  • Reviewing legislation
Invasive Species Ireland

Invasive Species Ireland