2009 Forum

Download the proceedings from the Third Annual Invasive Species Ireland Forum.

Forum was held at The Queen’s University Belfast, April 2009… 3KB

“Partnerships and collaboration for the management of invasive species” … 4 MB

“The National Invasive Species Database”… … 8 MB

“Biological control for invasive weeds in Ireland:  with special reference to the current Japanese knotweed and Himalayan balsam programmes” … 9 MB

Climate change and plant invasions”… 10 MB

“Rapid Response Mechanisms” … 11 MB

“Control of aquatic invasive species and restoration of natural communities in Ireland”… 8 MB

“Invasive species and our transport networks” … 1 MB

“Rats, weeds and awareness – How the BTCV Natural Talent apprenticeship scheme has helped promote good practice in Northern Ireland” … 7 KB

“A strategy for tackling invasive species: The National Trust” … 2 MB

“Approaches to managing invasive agricultural and forestry pests in Northern Ireland” … 3.5 MB

“Distribution and the development of measures for the control of Gunnera tinctoria on Achill Island, Co. Mayo, Ireland” … 10.5 MB

“Long-term implications of plant invasions: the significance of the soil seed bank”… 3.5 MB

“Pacific Oysters (Crassostrea gigas) in Strangford Lough, Northern Ireland” … 4 MB

“Development of a range of native aquatic species for commercial sale in the nursery industry in Ireland as substitutes for invasive species” … 7 MB

Invasive Species Ireland

Invasive Species Ireland