Brown Bullhead Catfish

Ameiurus nebulosus


Habitat: Slow flowing freshwater streams and rivers as well as low energy lakes with maximum depth of 40m


Description: Ameiurus nebulosus, the brown bullhead is a species of catfish native to North America and introduced to a number of other countries around the world as a game fish. It is a hardy species that can tolerate a wide range of environmental conditions, including water pollution, allowing it to successfully establish outside of its native range.


Origin and Distribution: Native to North America but is now present in parts of Europe, Russia, China and New Zealand


Impacts: The impacts associated with this species are currently unclear but similar to all non-native species there is concern for this species to spread parasites and fish disease. There are also some reports of potential impacts on trout and eel fisheries and reports of impacts on crayfish which is of particular concern to the endangered White Clawed Crayfish.


How could it get here? Intentional introduction for angling purposes. Considered a valued game fish in some areas.


Is it found in Ireland? One record in a fishing magazine (Feb. 2011) reported to have been in the Erne system but its status in Ireland was never confirmed.

See the National Invasive Species Database for more information on the distribution of this species in Ireland.


Prevent Spread:

Invasive Species Ireland

Invasive Species Ireland