Stizostedion lucioperca


Habitat: Freshwater ecosystems such as rivers and canals


Description: Zander a river fish, which can weigh up to 8.5kg (19lb) are similar to pike. Stream lined appearance with total lateral line scales: 80-97. Front dorsal fin is hard lobed and spiked. Second dorsal fin is soft lobed with 18-22 branched rays.


Origin and Distribution: Originates from Central and Northern Europe. Released into British waters in 1878. It has now spread through colonisation and illegal introductions to most of the Midlands Canals, the Rivers Avon and Severn and most of East Anglian fens and ditches.


Impacts: This species will compete and predate on native fish species. Zander can potentially cause the collapse of a fishery by removing many of the young fish not allowing them to grow and spawn. Should this species arrive in Ireland, there is potential for the associated introduction of fish diseases and parasites. These impacts may lead to a reduction in the quality of Irish game (salmonid), and potentially coarse fisheries. It will also impact the ecological status of Irish waterbodies under the Water Framework Directive.


How might it get here? Deliberate introduction for sport fishing.


Prevent Spread:

  • Do not introduce non native fish species.
  • Do not move species of fish from one waterbody to another.
  • Do not use live bait in river systems
Invasive Species Ireland

Invasive Species Ireland