False acacia

Robinia pseudoacacia


Photo credit: ©RPS Group PLC
False acacia - Robina pseudoacacia
  • A tall spiny tree, growing up to 29m tall, with pinnate compound leaves, and pendant clusters of white flowers.
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Origin and worldwide distribution:
  • It is native to North America.
  • It has become invasive in Botswana, South Africa, Turkey, Israel, Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

Potential or known impacts:
  • It has the ability to change nutrient cycles as it is proficient at nitrogen-cycling. As it grows and reproduces, it can inhibit native plant growth and outcompete them.

How could it get here?
  • Introduced as a timber tree, soil erosion control, windbreaks and ornamental plants.
  • As this species produces high numbers of seeds, it can quickly spread and take over land if not managed correctly.

Is it found in Ireland or Northern Ireland?
  • Not found in Ireland or Northern Ireland.

Methods for prevention:
  • Don't import, buy or plant this species. Don't take cuttings from wild plants.
  • Report any sightings.

You can help by reporting any sightings:

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