Wild boar and hybrids

Sus scrofa


Photo credit: ©Richard Bartz

Sus scrofa


  • Wild boar and hybrids live in agricultural areas, coastland, natural forests, planted forests, range/grasslands, riparian zones, ruderal/disturbed, scrub/shrublands, urban areas, and wetlands.


  • Wild boar and hybrids are large omnivorous mammals with powerful bodies and coarse hairy coats. Their thick necks, wedge-shaped heads and mobile snouts are used in feeding to uproot the ground and find prey or plant material.

Origin and Distribution:

  • Wild boar and hybrids became extinct in Ireland in prehistoric times. In modern day Ireland, this species could pose a serious threat to biodiversity, human health and safety and economic activities. This species is present in many parts of Europe, including Britain.
  • This species is also invasive in many parts of the world and has been nominated as among the 100 of the World's Worst Invasive Species due to its impacts. See here for more information.


  • Like other introduced mammals, wild boar are major drivers of ecosystem change. They have been introduced into many parts of the world, and are known to damage crops, gardens, amenity areas as well as potentially spreading disease. They uproot large areas of land, eliminating native vegetation and spreading weeds. This results in habitat alteration, a change in plant succession and composition and a decrease in native fauna dependent on the original habitat

Is it found in Northern Ireland?:
  • It has been found in Northern Ireland.
  • More distribution information can be found at NBN Atlas NI.

How might it get here?

  • Importing these species is the only viable pathway of introduction. Therefore, the main pathways into Northern Ireland will be through the main ports of entry (by sea or by air). Importation of this species maybe allowed under licence but illegal smuggling is also a possibility.

You can help by reporting any sightings:  @ the Centre for Environmental Data & Recording (CEDaR) - Or via the iRecord App.  
Prevent Spread:
  • Do not introduce wild boar to Northern Ireland.
  • Report all sightings.
For further queries, you can contact the Invasive Non Native Species (INNS) Team in the Northern Ireland Environment Agency on 028 9056 9558 or Email: invasivespecies@daera-ni.gov.uk
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