Stop the spread


  • Check you are not unknowingly carrying any water, living organism (including plant fragments) on your equipment or clothing
  • Pay particular attention to those areas that retain water, remain damp or are hard to inspect


  • Clean equipment, footwear and clothes thoroughly after water-based activity
  • Pieces of plants, seeds and organisms that get caught up in, or attach themselves to your equipment must be thoroughly removed from all hulls, hidden corners, inside clothing and other surfaces
  • Where available, use pressure washers and hoses to wash equipment and clothing
  • Ensure washings and any water that has collected in equipment are left in the cleaning area. Alternatively, empty them onto land away from other watercourses and not into another watercourse, drain or ditch


  • All equipment and clothing should be dried thoroughly
  • Where possible, air dry for 48 hours in order to kill any aquatic organisms
  • In slightly moist conditions, some species can live for many days. New research from the Environment Agency has shown that a killer shrimp can survive in the moist fold of a wader for up to 15 days.

Advice on good bio-security

The Inland Fisheries Ireland website has a wealth of information on biosecurity in freshwater systems –

Watch videos on some high impact invasive species of concern

The following videos were produced by the GB Non-native Species Secretariat. The information included and the issues highlighted are similar to those encountered in Ireland and Northern Ireland.



Invasive Species Ireland

Invasive Species Ireland